Savour the Senses has been featured on FoodBuzz Top 9, FoodGawkerTastespotting, Simple Recipes, Yupeats, Foodista Featured Drink Blog and Yummly (and is “Certified Yummly“). Savour the Senses also has recipes indexed on Foodily and Door to Door Organics.

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Savour the Senses has also been awarded these awards by fellow bloggers:

Stylish Blogger

Sisterhood Blogger

Versatile Blogger

Lovely Blogger

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2 Responses to Awards

  1. Megan says:

    I was wondering the recipe that is on the cover of your cookbook I purchased. It looks like angel food cupcakes with white frosting or whip cream and strawberries. I don’t see it in the recipe book. Can you send me that recipe please.


  2. I think you may have me confused with another food blogger. I do not have a cookbook (I wish!).

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