Culinary School Pt. 3: Global Cuisines

The days have been ticking by quickly, only six weeks until final exams! The past couple of months have been really exciting. We have been spending time learning about each country’s cuisine and historical background. This was the area of the program that  I was most excited to learn; which makes sense considering my love of traveling. This was as close to being in each place as I could get… for now!

Crab-Cake-AioliCrab Cake w/ Lime Aioli, Chive Oil & Watercress

It was fascinating learning about the different flavor combinations in each cuisine. I was surprised to learn about the influences that different cultures have had on others over time. Our class has come a very far way and has been putting out delicious food. I have been working even more on my plating, as you can see in the crab cake photo above. Here are some photos from different global cuisines.


Asian Dim Sum: Pot Stickers


Class Dinner & Critique


Spinach Salad w/ Apples, Walnuts & Balsamic Reduction


Fois Gras




Seared Scallops w/ Duchesse Potatoes




Oeufs a la Neige w/ Spun Sugar


Bri & Eric preparing table-side Ceasar Dressing


Looking back at these photos is reminding me of the ungodly amounts of food we eat on a daily basis; I did recently get a gym membership though! We are in the final stretch of our program, our final “System of Creation” day is on Feburary 15th. I was selected to be the Executive Chef for it, which was a huge honor! I am really excited and have been working on an unbeatable menu; I will share photos and recipes with you all after it is done! After finals, we go on our Farm-to-Table experience for three weeks! After that we have some weeks of classroom work, including wine academy, entrepreneurship and career development. Stay tuned for another update and wish me luck for the Basque Stage!!!! I find out Feburary 1st, read about the restaurant, Xarma, and go tell them why I deserve to win on their post here! You guys are the best!

One Year Ago: Bleu Cheese Chicken Tartlets

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3 Responses to Culinary School Pt. 3: Global Cuisines

  1. Pam Rauber says:

    Great work. Thoroughly enjoying your progress.

  2. Kimby says:

    The amount of thought and care invested in these exquisite plates says a lot. The fact that you were selected as Executive Chef for your upcoming System Of Creation says even more — congratulations! It’s really neat seeing what goes on behind the scenes from your perspective.

    P.S. Your “how to” in the last post was stellar — I used some of the garlic oil on French bread last night… oh my!!!

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