Does your morning routine need a boost?

Within the last few months I have quit my job, moved in and out of numerous houses in Summit County, searched for jobs to fill the time before our new Whole Foods started hiring, started cleaning vacation rentals, finally found an amazing place to live, started working for the new Whole Foods as a prepared foods supervisor, and hauled multiple bags of food from place to place during the process. With all the chaos, I’ve been struggling to keep a good morning routine. I can tell you from experience, having a good morning routine can do wonders for your day.

A peaceful walk I took the other day

I have been trying to make it a point to keep a good morning routine, despite the chaos in the rest of my life. I want to share some ideas to help your morning routine, even if you “just don’t have the time”.

It may sound cheesy, but my day begins with a positive note via my iPhone alarm. I begin my day with a calm alarm that says “Have a great day!” or “Rise and shine!”. If you are laughing, just try it. It puts me in a positive mindset to start my day, rather than being pissed off at the annoying ring-tone and note saying WAKE UP!!

Beautiful Frisco, Colorado- Where my new Whole Foods is located

I make sure to eat a healthy breakfast.  This doesn’t mean spending thirty minutes cooking before leaving the house. I love mixing a little cereal into my yogurt to create my own muesli-type breakfast. Another on-the-go option is a breakfast shake. I recently had the chance to try to Quaker Breakfast Shakes and was very impressed. I like that they have oats in addition to the normal breakfast shake ingredients. It is like I took my yogurt and cereal and blended it into a shake. All of the taste and nutrients in an easy to-go bottle! I also liked that they don’t have to be refrigerated before they are opened because you can take them anywhere if you are really short on time. Check out their site to learn more about these tasty breakfast shakes- . If you are interested in trying one, click the link below for a $2.00 off coupon!

My favorite flavor of the Quaker shakes

The next thing goes along with the healthy breakfast. I try to not drink any caffeine until I have had something nutritional for breakfast. Too many of us know the feeling of drinking coffee on an empty stomach and trying to go to work. I don’t think you need to avoid coffee but I DO think that you should have something healthy before you start chugging away.

Another walk I took along the Blue River- spring is on its way!

Finally, I try to KEEP A ROUTINE. Whatever it may be, simply having a routine (a healthy one) can help you start your day on the right foot more often. And bringing back to the beginning, start your day with a positive thought! You would be surprised the wonders positivity can do for you in the morning. I would love to hear what your morning routine is or what works for you!


This post was created in partnership with Quaker. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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2 Responses to Does your morning routine need a boost?

  1. Hi Jenny, I appreciated your reminders about the importance of a healthy morning routine. All too easy to forget, and a good reminder is helpful….

    I also adored seeing your photos of the Blue River, which reminded me so much of Papa. I really need to come up and visit you guys once you are settled. I very deeply miss Summit County…

    I, too, have found that an uplifting alarm ring tone is very helpful. Mine is called “Seaside” and I awaken to the sound of the ocean and seagulls every morning; a delightful pleasure for those of us living in landlocked Colorado (or anywhere!). My dog, Kiah, to this day, looks for the seagulls every morning… ;-)

    I also agree that having a quick and healthy breakfast before any caffeine is important. I have recently gone totally gluten and mostly dairy free, so am making my own smoothies for breakfasts.

    Part of my morning routine actually starts the night before, when I prep my lunch for the next day. I also prep the beginnings of my morning smoothie & have it all ready to go in my blender. The night before, I toss these ingredients into my blender:
    - a handful of walnuts or almonds
    - two scoops of organic ground flax seed (about 4 TBS.)
    - 4 Tbs. Hemp Protein powder (most protein powders have gluten or whey/casein, so I discovered hemp as a very high protein & high in omegas alternative – I get it from Whole Foods.)
    - I put the lid on the blender & set one packet of Very Berry Emergen-C on the lid to remind me to add it in the morning.

    In the morning, all I have to do is add:
    - the packet of Emergen-C Very Berry Flavor is my favoite
    - about 1/2 cup organic frozen blueberries or mixed berries
    - small handful of greens, like spinach, kale, or even arugula
    - coconut water (cold – keep in fridge) use enough to blend smoothly

    - if not dairy free, also add Face’ Greek Nonfat Yogurt… YUM!
    - could also add in some oats (and you can get certified gluten free oats for others trying to eat gluten free – not all are – oats can have gluten from cross-contamination, so check the label.

    No need to add ice – the frozen berries and using cold coconut water make it just cold enough to be refreshing, but not enough to get a brain freeze!

    Best to drink pretty quickly, rather than sipping throughout the morning, because flax gets pretty viscous, like egg whites, fairly quickly once mixed with liquids. This is part of what makes it so good for our digestion, but can make the texture a bit icky to drink if it gets “slimy” before you drink it!

    Many people, including your Mom, think this smoothie recipe sounds awful, but she doesn’t know what she’s missing – these are the best smoothies I’ve ever had. Even Justin loves them!

    Love, “Aunt” Janine

  2. Jenny, you’ve been through a lot lately! I was going to say you’ve moved mountains ;) but from your beautiful, scenic photos I can see they’re still intact… and so is your morning routine. Great advice! Thanks.

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