Kiwi-Raspberry Sorbet

This has been the most bizarre summer I have seen for a while. It hadn’t stopped snowing in the mountains here in Colorado until about last week. After the snow stopped, a serious heat wave hit and took everyone by surprise. Lucky for me, I was puppy sitting at my parents’ house during this heat wave. This meant access to all of my mom’s cooking appliances, including an ice cream maker. I took full advantage of this and decided to make a nice cold treat for the heat.

It is very important to taste your mixture before making sorbet. The same fruits can have extremely different flavors depending on how ripe they are. If the fruits are very ripe, it is important to add lemon or lime juice to acidify the mixture a bit. I recently also learned a very good tip for sorbet- adding a small amount of liquor to the mixture will keep it from freezing too much and forming ice chunks. It will keep your sorbet nice and smooth. I am very happy with this recipe because I made it using only fruit and light agave nectar- no real sugar! You can use regular granulated sugar or agave nectar, whichever suits your tastes, but both work equally well.

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Kiwi-Raspberry Sorbet
Recipe type: Dessert
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 4-6
  • 1½ cups fresh kiwi fruit
  • ½ cup fresh raspberries
  • ¼ cup water
  • 1½ tbsp vodka
  • ½ tbsp lime juice (if needed for acidity)
  • ½ to 1¼ cup sugar (or ⅓ to 1 cup agave nectar)
  1. Puree the fruit in a blender until smooth, add up to ¼ cup water if needed to thin.
  2. Add the vodka to the mixture and taste for acidity, add lime juice if necessary.
  3. Stir in the sugar (or agave nectar) until dissolved, starting with ½ cup and adding more as needed (starting with ⅓ cup if using agave).
  4. Freeze in an ice cream maker until thickened (about 20-30 minutes).
  5. Transfer to the freezer and let firm up before serving.


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24 Responses to Kiwi-Raspberry Sorbet

  1. looks refreshing, i should try this definitely =)

  2. Kiwi and raspberry sounds like a wonderfully refreshing combination – they’re both so tart and zingy! I bet it would be fun to play around with flavoured vodka for a little extra dimension of flavour… vanilla vodka sounds like it would be pretty yummy.

  3. Vicki @ WITK says:

    Great tip on the alcohol, I always wind up with really hard sorbet! I remember getting crazy snowstorms so late in the season when I was living in CO. I think we had to wait until July to climb the 14ers!

  4. Thanks for the alcohol tip…that’s great to know!

  5. kankana says:

    This year the weather is being really weird! This is such a cute little summer treat :)

  6. Anne says:

    This looks just as pretty as it does refreshing! That’s a great tip about tasting the sorbet before freezing, because it is true that fruit can take on different levels of sweetness depending on ripeness. But that’s an even better tip about the liquor!!! Thanks for sharing! 😉

  7. So pretty! Great to put Kiwi and Raspberry together – wonderful idea! I just made ice cream today – I am going to have to try sorbet next!

  8. Looks delicious and so simple! Thanks or the tip about using alcohol…

  9. lovely presentation and colours

  10. Khoa says:

    it’s so easy and good for baby, thank so much :)

  11. sarah says:

    We’ve had a strange summer here in Seattle too- but the sun seems to be out today and I am so thinking about making this sorbet right now!!!

  12. Mmm, I’ve tried kiwi sorbet before and raspberry sorbet but it never occurred to me to combine the two flavors. What a delicious idea. I have a sweet treat linky party going on at my blog till Monday and I’d love it if you come by and link your sorbet up.

  13. Congrats on Top9 – great to find you! What an amazing sorbet recipe and love the addition of vodka in there. Isn’t the weather funny all over? Good to have this winner in stock, for any sudden changes!

  14. Peggy says:

    Yum! This sounds like the perfect summer treat =)

  15. sonia says:

    Hi There, This is looking absolutely delightful. Loved the new combo of ingredients and the recipe is so nicely made and presented. Saving this recipe of urs and wud love to give ur version a try on the coming weekend. Have a great day….Sonia !!!

  16. Christina says:

    I really want to try this recipe but don’t have an ice cream maker. Anything I can do?


  17. Claudie says:

    This sorbet looks so fresh and tasty! I love the fact you see the kiwi seeds in it!

  18. Elies_Lie says:

    Very refreshing!
    Loves kiwi & raspberry! 😉

  19. Hi Christina, the ice cream machine is nice because it give the sorbet a very nice texture, that sometimes is missed if you don’t have one. But, not to worry! You can make the sorbet without an ice cream maker as well. Just add an extra tablespoon of alcohol to the recipe and put it in the freezer in an airtight container until frozen. It also might benefit you to use agave nectar or create a simple syrup with the sugar beforehand if you are going to not be using an ice cream maker, this should help it keep a smoother texture. Hope it turns out well! =)

  20. Foodafok says:

    Wonderful photo and great recipe for sorbet.

  21. If you are creating dishes like that I Might have to invite you to puppy sit my dogs too.

  22. RavieNomNoms says:

    That looks so refreshing!

  23. Sandra says:

    Great flavor combination and very pretty picture.

  24. GastroStu says:

    Raspberry and Kiwi sounds like a delicious combination. The raspberry plants in my garden are just fruiting, and now I’ve got another thing to do with them, thank you :)