Miso Soup {My Guest Post on Cooking With Michele}

Another exciting update on my job at Morimoto. Last night I worked grill for the first time, it was awesome! I am so excited to be moving up in the kitchen. Things went really smoothly luckily, but I do think that it wouldn’t have been as smooth if I didn’t have another grill cook, Kalani, there to help out. But, you got to start somewhere and I think that I will catch on quick. I didn’t even have anybody send back a steak for being cooked to the wrong temp, score! On the home cooking front, I am happy to announce that I am guest blogging today over at my own mom’s blog, Cooking With Michele. The menu? A flavorful, healthy Chicken Miso Soup. I know you are probably saying, “Miso soup doesn’t have chicken!” but you have to try it, it goes so well with it!

Chicken Miso Soup

I am really in love with this recipe, but you will have to head over to Cooking With Michele, my MOM’S BLOG!, to check it out. It is pretty cool to be guest posting on my own mom’s site; I am sure that I will have her over here sometime soon as well, so head over, check out my delicious Miso Soup recipe and give her some love. Let me know what you think! Also, if you are interested in a) traveling b) cooking or c) Italy, check out her Italy trip tab. Each year she takes a group of students to Italy to attend cooking school in Lecce, I went with her last year and it was AWESOME! Definitely something to think about!

Cooking at The Awaiting Table

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And my new tradition….

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6 Responses to Miso Soup {My Guest Post on Cooking With Michele}

  1. Kiri W. says:

    Looks like a fantastic soup :) I love miso, and this looks so healthy and good for you!

  2. Claudia says:

    I’ll take miso soup with chicken! Why not? I’m also available to cook in an Italian castle any day.

  3. What a wonderful soup! What fun to guest post on your moms site. Thanks for sharing with us.

  4. Kiri W. says:

    This sounds fantastic! :) Love the cilantro in this with the miso.

  5. What a great looking soup- I have some miso and cant wait to try. So fun that you and your mom are bloggers!! Ive buzzed you on Foodbuzz :)

  6. Kobe Beef says:

    Delicious! A friend of mine puts some thin strips of slightly seared flank steak in his Miso, and man is that great! Like you said, a lot of people don’t think meat belongs in Miso but hey, why not make a good thing better? :)