White Wine Braised Meatballs, Kale & Spinach

braised-meatballs-kaleAutumn is in full swing here; although Winter may be making an appearance very soon. The last of the leaves are falling off of our Aspen trees outside my window and the ground has lost it’s green tint in exchange for an amber glow. These views and the cool fall evenings make you want to cuddle up with a nice cozy meal. This meals is perfect for this time of year. Continue reading

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Balsamic Caramelized Onion & Pulled Pork Open-Faced Sandos

caramelized-onion-pulled-porkSorry for the long title, but I had to fit all the deliciousness into it. And that didn’t even include the fresh rosemary and gooey mozzarella cheese. Remember these Rosemary Balsamic Caramelized Onions from a couple weeks ago? Well they are back and even tastier in this dish. Continue reading

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Rosemary-Balsamic Caramelized Onions {A How-To}

caramelize-onion-balsamic-rosemaryThere are a thousand methods for caramelizing onions and each chef will tell you that their way is the best. High heat, stirring a lot? Low and slow? Water? No water? Salt? No salt? No matter the method, caramelized onions make a fantastic addition to so many dishes! Continue reading

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Meatball Focaccia Pizza

meatball-focaccia-pizza-sliceIt is back-to-school time again. For me, that comes as a relief. It means that all the vacationers will be traveling back to their home states and Summit County will get a much needed breath of fresh air. I love shoulder seasons in Summit; it allows you to truly experience what a small county it really is. It also gives me some time to focus on creating fun new recipes, like this one! Continue reading

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Chocolate Coconut Oatmeal Cookies

Do you bake? I don’t. Well not usually. I have never really had a sweet tooth and have always preferred more savory dishes. If I do crave something sweet it is usually a beverage. Ben, on the other hand, has a problem. He has a crazy sweet tooth. He told me the other day that it is probably a good thing he is allergic to most sweets, because he would be buying cupcakes and other treats daily. Continue reading

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Risotto Cakes w/ Citrus-Saffron Aioli

Risotto-Cakes-Citrus-AioliWhat a crazy summer it has been! I recently took point on our catering program at Whole Foods Market in Frisco, CO. It has been steadily growing and I am so excited for what is in store. Next week, we are going to be providing food for the Pro Challenge bike race when it is in Summit County. After that, I am going to start seasonal tasting events and cooking classes! Continue reading

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Kale Pesto Quinoa w/ Poached Egg

Kale-Pesto-Qunoa-Egg-BasilHey, I warned you didn’t I? Another quinoa bowl. This one was especially satisfying because I used my first harvest of kale from my garden! No matter what you grow, it will always taste better freshly harvested from your own garden. No farmer’s market or grocery store can create that feeling of accomplishment that growing your own food can. Continue reading

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Eloté Pasta con Chipotle Alfredo

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 11.37.34 AMYes, more corn. I love using in-season fruit and vegetables because the flavors are just so much better. Sometimes, this means eating the same thing for an entire week. Anybody who has ever grown their own zucchini knows what I am talking about! Continue reading

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Mexican-QuinoaToday I have an easy mid-week, HEALTHY Mexican meal for you. I love Mexican food- unfortunately, it is usually not the healthiest. My work is currently having a competition called Green Trek. You log points for different activities and healthy eating. So naturally, I have been trying to eat a bit healthier. And yes, I know I have been obsessing over quinoa bowls lately. That is because they are so easy and you can change up the flavors every time! Continue reading

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Eloté {Mexican Street Corn}

mexican-corn-elote-cotijaLocal, non-GMO Colorado corn is here! I always get so excited this time of year. I love corn, but usually am too afraid to buy it in the off season since 88% of all corn that is grown is genetically modified- yikes! Luckily there are still a few local Colorado farmers growing corn the right way- including Olathe sweet corn. Sweet corn is a little whiter than normal corn and, like the name suggests, is much sweeter. Plus, you can’t beat the 2 ears for a buck price tag! Continue reading

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