Eating Oahu North to South

So I know it may appear that I have fallen off the earth. Just like last time, I am assuring you that I haven’t. I have been super busy though, working and playing. A few weeks ago my mom came to Hawaii to visit me, which meant a weekend filled with eating. I feel bad that I haven’t had the time to write my own posts for a while, but I just felt like my mom’s post about her trip encompassed everything so well that I had to link to it for all of you to enjoy.

If you are ready to drool on your keyboard and sigh in admiration at the beautiful scenery, check out what I have been up to in Hawaii over at my mom’s blog, Cooking With Michele. Let me know what you think! Anybody ever been to any of these places that we went?

Eating My Way Around Oahu


PS I will be writing lot and lots of blog posts soon, so stay tuned! For now, feel free to browse some of my great summer recipes by using the sidebar links!

1 Year Ago: Shrimp & Goat Cheese Quesadillas

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6 Responses to Eating Oahu North to South

  1. Kimby says:

    Jenny, great to hear from you! Will read your Mom’s post after this (drooling doesn’t begin to describe… lol!) Glad you had a fun time!

  2. Just found your blog through Hungry Housewife! Can’t wait to browse around. My hubby and I just got back from Maui… all the islands have amazing food. Can’t wait to keep reading (and drooling).
    -Mini Baker

  3. Happy to have you! Enjoy!

  4. Maika says:

    very pretty pictures and the food looks amazing…I want some!

  5. Peggy says:

    Sounds like Hawaii has proven to be quite the time! Especially in the eating department =)

  6. Definitely has! Can’t wait to share all the recipes with you all!